About me

That’s me. I was born in the Mid Seventies with a passion and love for a things creative. 
Then the nineties hit, I I found myself asking what profession to learn. It had to be something with a huge emphasis on creating. Something where I could be creative and work with my hands to actually build something. 
An internship as a Repro-photographer got my the job of an in-print manufacturer, which was still an all analog process, when I started out. Using film stock, a repro-camera and retouching. God, how I loved this process of manual retouching those little pixels, … this job was right up my street!
At the end of the nineties I set out to look for further training and I soon had the title: Industrial Supervisor Print. I worked as an assistant manager in this job a couple of years until love called and I found myself moving to lovely Hamburg.  
Three awesome kids later, still being on parental leave, I still felt the need to keep going creativity-wise. What started just as some distraction from the stressful daily routine, lead to me buying a sowing machine and soon I was learning how to digitize my ideas so that I could sow them on the machine. This all lead to an overflow of creativity and I started experimenting with the process of digitization and ended up embroiding business logos onto Shirts and Jackets.
My experience as an Print professional came in handy and soon I was able to apply my knowledge to my newly found passion. 
That’s when I started to sell those digital embroideries design files, which you can view on my shop here. 
Now this shop kind of became a child of itself, which makes me the mother of four kids, right?
Who knows what I will come up next, but I’m sure it will be something in the alley of Design and creativity. 
i hope you stick around to experience this with me. Stay creative!
Yours truly